Junior Team Cross Country Race:

Friday 12th of August was supposed to be raining, according to all the weather reports. However, it was overcast and perfect cross-country running conditions. You'll see from the following slideshow how successful it was.  We were proud of all the participants,

Tread Lightly

On the 10/3/16 Room 2 went to the Tread Lightly caravan to learn about e- waste and how to care for the environment. The aim was to make students understand to care for the environment and reduce the amount of

Farewell to Our Korean Visiting Students:

We enjoyed a quick by meaningful assembly on Monday 8th August to say good bye to the class of students who've spent the past month with us.We sang the New Zealand and the Korean National Anthems. We saw a bit

Maths presentation

This is my maths presentation   

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Maths presentation

This is my maths presentation

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Exciting Solar Panel News for BBPS

BBPS has won 12 FREE Solar Panels and a Tesla Battery for saving renewable energy. Reece from Vector shared the Energy monitoring app with the school Enviro leaders. They enjoyed viewing his BMW Electric Car.

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That was Summer

Remember that time we were jumping in the grass?That dad just raked up and he was madBut I didn't care I just ran away and laughed Remember that time when the storm blew up quickAnd you stood under a ledgeAnd watched

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Summer Jam

In Canada there is a Christian camp called Summer Jam where we learn about the bible stories and verses that go with them. We also do Christian songs and station activities. There are teams and sides and I'm in the

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3D Shapes Presentation

This is my maths presentation

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Congratulations to our Wonderful Choir

Congratulations to our wonderful choir and Mrs Wilshire who made us very proud with their performances on Wednesday and Thursday evenings last week. BBP students spent their lunchtimes and Friday afternoons practising for all of Terms 1 and 2.  The

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