Senior School Performing Arts Celebration:

This concert was held this week and was enjoyed by all. Well done everyone involved.

Year 5 Red Beach Trip Final Reminders

Dear ParentsWe are looking forward to our year five day of activities at Red Beach.  The weather forecast is looking promising!  Here are a few final reminders:When:             Tomorrow, Friday 3/03/2017  7.00 am at school                         (Arriving back at school

Farewell to Our Korean Visiting Students:

We enjoyed a quick by meaningful assembly on Monday 8th August to say good bye to the class of students who've spent the past month with us.We sang the New Zealand and the Korean National Anthems. We saw a bit

My Grandad

When I walk into my grandad's house he's always happy to see me with that excited smile on his face.  He never stops that wrinkly happy smile! When I open the the old oak door, the same thing, the happy

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The secret hideout

Among a cluster of trees there was an old oak wood tree. There was a boy with blonde hair and hazelnut eyes. He took a quick glimpse of the tree. It was colossal near the summit of the tree. There

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My Gramps

One day very early in the morning my Gramps woke up because suddenly his alarm went off.  He carefully got out of bed and got into his clothes as if it was winter. He went outside and opened the car

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Secret Garden Tree House

 One day a little girl was playing in her garden full of roses, bluebells,  lavender and daisies. The little girl had a rose dress, sky blue eyes and soft skin. When she opened a door she had found secret garden

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My Grandpa

When we pulled up into the driveway I couldn't see my grandpa anywhere so I looked inside but he wasn't there. Then I saw that he was in the big garage working and fixing. I saw him slowly walk to

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Leaving My Treehouse

I was about to move house. I went out to look at my treehouse for one last time. Memories reflected on me. I climbed up the tree house's rickety rope ladder and opened the creaky door. Inside was a ripped up teddy

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My Tree House

 I gaze up at my stakeout house.  Birds creep in and do some drops of wet sticky droppings.  I climb up my steady timber ladder, which has my plants on my pale white balcony. With binoculars of pure gold, I

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