Senior School Performing Arts Celebration:

This concert was held this week and was enjoyed by all. Well done everyone involved.

Balloon experiment

Room 2 has been doing science.  My favourite experiment we did was the balloon experiment.  We all thought we were going to rub it on our heads and make our hair pop up but no we were sticking a kebab

Junior Team Cross Country Race:

Friday 12th of August was supposed to be raining, according to all the weather reports. However, it was overcast and perfect cross-country running conditions. You'll see from the following slideshow how successful it was.  We were proud of all the participants,

Congratulations to our Wonderful Choir

Congratulations to our wonderful choir and Mrs Wilshire who made us very proud with their performances on Wednesday and Thursday evenings last week. BBP students spent their lunchtimes and Friday afternoons practising for all of Terms 1 and 2.  The

Skyping with Students in China

This afternoon the Robotics Group met at school to talk to students in a class in Nanjing to ask them how their country recycles e-waste - old computers, tablets and printers.  The Chinese students were in class with their English

Super Stars!

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Room 12’s Star Students!

   Not just ONE star writer today... but three!                     

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Tread lightly Caravan

On Monday Room 12 visited the 'Tread Lightly Caravan' at school.We explored ways to reuse, reduce and recycle so that New Zealand can reduce the size of the landfill. We planted seeds that will grow into radish plants and talked about

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Pet Day 2016

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Room 12 is buzzing!

The children in Room 12 have been very interested in each other's pets so we have embraced the interest and our display board is slowly building!!

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