Senior School Performing Arts Celebration:

This concert was held this week and was enjoyed by all. Well done everyone involved.

The Bubblegum Troupe

 On the 7th of July the Bubblegum troupe from the Royal Family dance studio performed for BBPS.  Our dear Jasmine from Room 1 was in the troupe.  Everyone loved the moves they had in their dances.  It was a truly

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Chinese New Year

Red PocketsSome countries celebrate happy 15th day of Chinese New Year. One of the traditions is giving red pockets to children and unmarried adults.  In Chinese the name is laisee and also called Hongbao. Inside the red pocket is some

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Farewell to Our Korean Visiting Students:

We enjoyed a quick by meaningful assembly on Monday 8th August to say good bye to the class of students who've spent the past month with us.We sang the New Zealand and the Korean National Anthems. We saw a bit

Bubblegum Dance Troop.

On Thursday the 7th of July the Bubblegum Dance Troop came to our school to preform two dances.  My favourite dancer was Jasmine Jones. The reason why she was my favourite was because she goes yo our school.

Bubblegum Performance

The  Bubblegum performance was a hip hop performance. There were children that came from Hamilton and Auckland. There was one person called Jasmine and she is in Room 1. They did a wonderful performance that delighted me . They did

Bubblegum Dance Performance

On the 7th of July, the dance crew Bubblegum, from the Palace Dance Studio, came to BBPS to perform. One of the dancers was a student of BBP too and, I have to say, she was a brilliant dancer. In

Congratulations to our Wonderful Choir

Congratulations to our wonderful choir and Mrs Wilshire who made us very proud with their performances on Wednesday and Thursday evenings last week. BBP students spent their lunchtimes and Friday afternoons practising for all of Terms 1 and 2.  The

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