Senior School Performing Arts Celebration:

This concert was held this week and was enjoyed by all. Well done everyone involved.

Escher Tessellations

This is a Escher tessellation piece of work.

By |12th October 2016|Art, Mathematics, Room 2, Senior School|0 Comments

Loving Heart

      Loving Heart By Maddison De Bie I created this work of art by using pencil,  pastels, and markers. Some things I learned while creating it were the colours have to be bright because it can show up

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Self Portraits

By |4th April 2016|Art, Room 17|0 Comments

Our Pastel Portraits:

We are really proud of these and they get a 'WOW' out of most visitors to Room 7.Sssshhhh!!! don't tell anyone but the secret is...We printed out a very pale photo and then just let our creativity loose on it!!!

By |4th March 2016|Art, Room 7|0 Comments
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