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Year 3 students in Room 17.

Room 17 Cross Country

By |30th August 2017|Classes|0 Comments

Soccer Field Day 2017

By |11th May 2017|Classes|0 Comments

Room 17 Green Day

By |24th November 2016|Room 17|0 Comments

Room 17 Cross Country 2016

By |23rd August 2016|Room 17|0 Comments

Stop Motion Animation

Room 17 has just begun to use the Stop Motion Studio app. to make stop motion animations. We start with a storyboard to record our ideas and make a plan for our animation. Then we create a setting and characters.

By |9th June 2016|Classes|0 Comments


During science week, Room 17 made catapults. We made them out of popsicle sticks, rubber bands, spoons, and clips. Everyone worked together in different teams and worked really hard. After we built them, we tested them in front

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Room 17 Radish Contest Winners

By |2nd June 2016|Classes|0 Comments

Room 17 Recount Writing

In writing, we have been working on recount writing. Recount writing is when you tell about something you did. We begin with an orientation (who, what, where, why, when), use time words in order, and add details. You can click

By |13th May 2016|Writing|1 Comment

Self Portraits

By |4th April 2016|Art, Room 17|0 Comments
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