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Autumn Leaves falling off trees Red, yellow, orange colours So many fun shades.

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Te Tuhi

On Monday Room 2 went to Te Tuhi. Te Tuhi is a big art gallery.  It was huge. There was a lady called Charlotte and she was leading us for the morning. The first thing we did iwas we had

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Olympic Concrete Poem

I am learning to write a concrete poem. I chose shot put because we won silver and bronze. 

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Cross country

On Friday the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6s ran the cross country track.  I sat next to Alex M and we warmed up together then ... Mrs Chilvers said it was the Year 5 girls turn to run. I was

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Courtney McGregor

      Courtney McGregor By Nina, Julia and John We wanted to learn about Courtney because she is very fit and really good at gymnastics.  We found some interesting facts about her. Here is some information about Courtney.  

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That was Summer

Remember that time we were jumping in the grass?That dad just raked up and he was madBut I didn't care I just ran away and laughed Remember that time when the storm blew up quickAnd you stood under a ledgeAnd watched

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Island description

The Island is burning hot The sky is clear whiteThe sun’s rays shine through my faceThe tree blows through the island

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Tropical island

I am on a warm tropical island. The sun is making me as hot as an oven.The sand scratching my feet. I felt relaxed when I was lying on the sand. I jumped into the cold water. It was interesting

By |25th May 2016|Classes, Room 2, Senior School, Writing|1 Comment
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