Hot Air Balloon Explanation



       This is my Gymnastics diamond  poem                                                               

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Inter school Cross Country

On Wednesday we had the inter-school cross-country. On the bus I sat with two of my friends, and on way there we played ''I dare you'' we also played "I spy.''When we got off the bus I had butterflies in


We have been learning to write in different ways about the Olympics. This is my made-up sport.My made up sport is a mix of soccer and hockey. So it is pretty simple. You just play hockey with a soccer ball,

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On Monday we were doing some science.  We were doing helicopter science.  The first one we made spun quite well but it was a little hard to make it turn. On our second one we had to add 3 paper

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That was Summer

Remember that time we were jumping in the grass?That dad just raked up and he was madBut I didn't care I just ran away and laughed Remember that time when the storm blew up quickAnd you stood under a ledgeAnd watched

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Monkey in a tree Lying in the soft branches Waiting for his lunch  Chicken in a barn Sitting on her fragile eggs Happy one has hatched 

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Autumn leaves glow redWith shiny sparks of yellowDropping from the trees.

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The Trip to Motat

When we first went to Motat to learn about inventions and inventors, all of Room 2 first went to a place where we learnt about the human body. I learnt that 95 per cent of pee is made from water.

Our visit to Motat

On Thursday 26 of May we got on the school bus and we arrived at Motat and there was a person named Abby at the gate to meet us.  She said that she would be our guide and the gates

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