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On Thursday 26 of May we got on the school bus and we arrived at Motat and there was a person named Abby at the gate to meet us.  She said that she would be our guide and the gates opened and we walked into a creative building museum full of scientific cool creations that you can use in life or to play with.
We had a parent helper to come with us so we didn’t get lost or hurt.   Abbey also told us the activity we had to do first.

The Human Body

 The first activity was the human body.  There were disgusting body parts and my favourite activity was the clown.   You had to pull this lever forward and back and smell the clowns breath and then see which smell  is more pleasant.   The worst one was the dog poo.   It stank so bad.  The best one was the mints.  I had another favourite activity.   It was like a megaphone but you had to put headphones on and another person speaks far away and you can hear their conversations from miles away.

The Machine Exhibition
The next activity was the machine exhibition.  At the machine exhibition there were different steam pumps, water pumps and engines.   We got to write about the material.  We had to say what it was made out of or what powered it to run or what it was used for.

The Butcher Shop
Then we went to a butcher shop.   There was a fake person in there.   He had one eyeball and two fingers missing.  Then he started talking and his mouth was moving and he looks at you and chops a pig’s head and legs off.   My group was screaming in terror, running around everywhere and that was the last activity.

 It started to rain heavily, like crazy so we got under the rough shelter so we wouldn’t get soaked.  Then it was time to go home so we jumped on the bus and looked out the window and I was thinking if I could again go back to Motat because it was the best school trip ever.