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Room 12 Science Experiments

Room 12 have been busy writing and carrying out their own experiments relating to matter. They have made predictions, mixed substances, observed things growing and bubbling and have stuck their hands into oobleck goop.   

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Green day for Room 5!

  We had an awesome Green Day in Room 5 - we made promises for how we will help keep our planet healthy and we melted crayons down, that were too little to use anymore, into cool LEGO and Christmas shapes!

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Travel Wise Selfie/photo competition!

Well done to those that walked last week AND took a selfie or a photo in the wet weather!  You guys are really creative and embraced the rain and puddles. Here are some great pictures of Travel Wise kids and Parents,

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Travel Wise and Road safety week!

Week two of Term two was Road Safety Week.Our Travel Wise Leaders ventured out in Week two, for a 'back to school' campaign.  This campaign is to remind drivers to slow down around schools and generally be more aware of

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Book Character Parade – Room 12

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Howick Historical Village – Room 12 pics

 On Friday 11th of November Room 12 went to The Howick Historical Village to support our Inquiry Topic this term.  We have been learning about Victorian clothes, toys and schools.  It was wonderful to see what it would be like,

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Art Exhibition Room 12

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Look at these treasures!

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Trees for Survival Planting day 2016!

On Friday 19 August, a group of children from the Senior School travelled to Wai ou pa on a planting excursion.  Some children planted around seventy trees, altogether we planted 600 trees.  The children who went were mostly from the

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