Enviro Group and Patch to Plate Success at BBPS!


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Travel Wise Selfie/photo competition!

Well done to those that walked last week AND took a selfie or a photo in the wet weather!  You guys are really creative and embraced the rain and puddles. Here are some great pictures of Travel Wise kids and Parents,

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Travel Wise and Road safety week!

Week two of Term two was Road Safety Week.Our Travel Wise Leaders ventured out in Week two, for a 'back to school' campaign.  This campaign is to remind drivers to slow down around schools and generally be more aware of

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Week 8’s Full Assembly:

Many proud students received their badges at Friday's assembly; librarians, enviro-leaders and school councillors. 

Whole School Assemblies:

Assemblies to which parents and caregivers are invited to attend, to held every alternate Friday morning at 9.00am. [Each even week of the term]Last Friday 10th of March, Room 7's students gave a presentation about Chinese New Year. The winners

Enviro-Schools Beach Clean Up:

As a part of Seaweek next week, and also in conjunction with Keep New Zealand Beautiful, the whole school took part in an Eastern Beach clean up day. We went in staggered sessions with junior starting first.As usual, we had

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Enviro-Assembly for the School:

On Thursday afternoon we had a special school assembly for Enviro-Schools.We watched a clip about what plastic does in our waterways and oceans. We had the enviro leaders talk to us about the guiding principles of BBPS school and about sustainability.The

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Trees for Survival Planting day 2016!

On Friday 19 August, a group of children from the Senior School travelled to Wai ou pa on a planting excursion.  Some children planted around seventy trees, altogether we planted 600 trees.  The children who went were mostly from the

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Room 7 Want to Win the Ice Blocks!

Healthy Howick Fruit Tree Launch August 2016

BBPS is excited to be involved in the Healthy Howick Programme again this year. We will be receiving 14 more fruit trees to plant and maintain in our school grounds. This makes our total number of fruit trees in our

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