Poppy Poles by Room 7:

Last term we completed and mounted our poppy poles.They were decided upon after a child walked into a pole and got an egg on his forehead! We decided to do them after Anzac Day so poppies seemed appropriate and we made

Exciting Solar Panel News for BBPS

BBPS has won 12 FREE Solar Panels and a Tesla Battery for saving renewable energy. Reece from Vector shared the Energy monitoring app with the school Enviro leaders. They enjoyed viewing his BMW Electric Car.

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Green Day

Last Friday we had a school-wide Green Day as a part of our Enviro-schools Programme. Everyone was allowed to wear green colours to school. We made our Poppy Poles to go on the poles outside our classroom. They are to

Room 7’s Radish Winner:

The proud winner with his prize.We had a close second in terms of leaf growth, but it was pretty hard to beat the three bulging-out radishes the size of golf balls!Sure shows the importance of sunlight, fertiliser, watering and repotting!

Whopper Lettuces:

The best part of the job for the Enviro-Leaders is to be able to harvest and share.I grabbed these two for a photo as they were proudly on their way to the office, to deliver lettuces to Mrs Bayer and

How’s your radish growing ???

One more week's worth of growth until we see who's seed has sprouted the most!!Can anyone beat mine?... and also... Remember at Christmas the Enviro-group gave all the teachers a wee plant each as a thank you...Here's mine now...

Photo Art:

Please admire the lovely photographs that have now been mounted on the walls around the school.These were the winners in a photography competition last year that included both staff and students.

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Tread Lightly Caravan:

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the van and the staff. Rubbish down the drain is a real pain!!Thank you to the parents who came and helped the students to plant radish seeds.Every student in the school now has their own

Food for Our Worms

Watch our video to find out what our worms DO and Do Not like to eat.

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Enviro-Group Leaders talk to the Junior School for Green Day:

Today some sensible Enviro-Group leaders came to talk to the whole junior school about the worm bins and the worm buckets.We learned about what can go in them and what can not.  Cody T said, "Apple cores are OK but

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