Room 7’s Calendar Art:

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Our Simile Poems. By Room 7’s Year 2 students.

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Poppy Poles by Room 7:

Last term we completed and mounted our poppy poles.They were decided upon after a child walked into a pole and got an egg on his forehead! We decided to do them after Anzac Day so poppies seemed appropriate and we made

Green Day

Last Friday we had a school-wide Green Day as a part of our Enviro-schools Programme. Everyone was allowed to wear green colours to school. We made our Poppy Poles to go on the poles outside our classroom. They are to


India said, "The Indians use a special powder that has colours to make special patterns. It is called Rangoli. They do fireworks and they bake tasty sweets. They have lights and candles."Nikhil added, " When Indian people get married they

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Mothers Day

  We enjoying making placemats for our Mums' bedside tables. We laminated two of the sheets back-to-back. 

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Group Effort Posters:

This term our inquiry topic has revolved around animals - care of, and classification of. 

Representative Shell Art:

Come into class to see what your child said!I think these are lovely and they are all pretty proud of their own too.

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Our Poems – By Room 7’s six year olds.:

I see... I think...I wonder...The instructions were:"to look but don't touch and to write about three sentences for each of the sentence starters above.Read aloud and pick the ones that sound good."We are pleased with our results.As they are portrait mounted

We Are All Different:

Be sure to run your mouse up and down on the image to see the whole thing.

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