Junior School

Room 6:  Keira Doyle

  • A great imagination and use of interesting words in her writing.

Room 6:  Max Lee

  • Being a good team player – listening to his partner’s ideas in maths.

Room 6:  Harry Robinson

  • Being a fantastic role model – always showing Manaakitanga to adults and students alike.

Room 7:  Philip Tiumkaev

  • Showing perseverance in reading and writing.

Room 7:  Hanit Deol

  • Always showing respect and kindness.

Room 7:  Noah Millinchip

  • Showing great effort and enthusiasm at reading and writing time.

Room 8:  Hank Wei

  • Showing enthusiasm for learning.

Room 8:  Ella Huang

  • Being a responsible and reliable student.

Room 9:  Enzo Wang

  • Great gymnastics skills.

Room 9:  Kina Naufahu

  • Being so kind and friendly.

Room 10:   Senudi Dheerasinghe Arachchige

  • Demonstrating the value of respect (manaakitanga) through her willingness to help others.

Room 10:    Felicity Cavin

  • Always having a positive attitude and showing perseverance and resilience when she faces challenges.

Room 10:    Lucas Han

  • Making good choices in his learning and developing problem solving skills to overcome challenges.

Room 11:  Lia Bin

  • Having an excellent attitude to all areas of her learning.

Room 11:  Finn Hagglund

  • Showing perseverance and resilience when learning something new.


Middle School

Room 12:  Jessica Lin

  • Demonstrating the school values and the class treaty in all of her work in the classroom.

Room 12:  Yaseen Bassam

  • Making fantastic progress in using different maths strategies to solve maths problems.

Room 13:  Adele Toh

  • Your respectful and responsible attitude in all learning areas.

Room 13: Rakinda Oduol

  • Your focused attitude during independent activities.

Room 13:  Riven D’Souza

  • Your kind and helpful attitude towards others.

Room 14:   Bianca Thompson

  • Being a resilient learner, and showing a keen interest in our Earth and Beyond inquiry.

Room 14: Leni Kasper

  • Being an excellent role model in the classroom – well done Leni.

Room 14:  Lincoln Bin

  • Demonstrating the values of responsibility, respect and relationships at all times.

Room 15:  Myra Chiang

  • Showing more independence and having more confidence in her abilities as a learner.

Room 15:  Dylan Zhang

  • Showing the BBPS value of “Relationships” and always using his manners.

Room 15:  Rebecca Cui

  • Always taking pride in the presentation of her work.

Room 16:  Aidan Lin

  • Being a quiet, conscientious member of the class who demonstrates all of the BBP values.

Room 16:  Elizke Herrewyn

  • Making pleasing progress in reading and participating in group discussions.

Room 16:  Jeremy Seekup

  • Settling to work promptly, remaining on task and always trying his best with his learning.

Room 17:  Matthew Hiley

  • Always using your initiative and helping others in Room 17.

Room 17:  Erin van Biljon

  • Always being so kind and helpful.  You represent all of the BBPS school values with your positive attitude towards learning.

Room 17:  Asher Bowlin

  • Showing the school values of responsibility and resilience which can be seen in your amazing writing progress.


Senior School

Room 1:  Oliver Cate

  • Demonstrating responsibility towards all areas of learning.

Room 1:  Rosie Brown

  • Showing resilience when solving difficult number problems.

Room 2:  Harris Hu

  • Showing responsibility for his own learning and always trying his best

Room 2:   Izzy Harrison

  • Consistently displaying all four of the school values, being a responsible role model and showing leadership skills.

Room 2:   Anita Zhang

  • Displaying a growth mindset in maths during problem-solving.

Room 3:  Austin Shan

  • Excellent participation and contributions to classroom discussion.

Room 3:  Jason Nie

  • Demonstrating excellent problem-solving skills.

Room 3:  Baxter Kennerley

  • Contributing to maths discussion in problem-solving activities.

Room 4:   Misaki Nakanishi

  • Displaying a consistently positive attitude and effort at all times.  She is a great role model in the class.

Room 4:  Olivia Keel

  • Modelling resilience and displaying an increasingly, positive attitude her learning.

Room 4:    Mathew Bailey

  • Displaying a consistent attitude and effort in all areas of his learning.

Room 18:   Evan Bielby

  • Displaying respect towards his cabin group at camp.

Room 18:   Alicia Li

  • Developing friendly relationships while involving herself with every camp activity at her new school.

Room 19:  Alfred Yin

  • Giving things a go at camp that were scary and new.

Room 19:  Li-en Downs

  • An awesome attitude to everything at camp.

Room 19:   Lauren Billings

  • A great attitude at camp, helping others – truly displaying the school values.