In Room Two students are learning to write arguments.   Here is why Isabella feels that students should wear a uniform to school.


I think children should wear school uniform. It also represents where we all come from. I do believe that the uniform shows where we come from and our community. Here are my reasons.

It shows what school we come from. At the Tip Top Schools we wore uniforms to represent what school we came from. We all stood out against the other schools. It also showed the parents who were helping us where we were if they went off and couldn’t find us.

Some people say that buying uniforms are expensive, but buying different clothes for school can be even more expensive. I don’t think parents want to waste money on clothes for their children, those are more expensive. The children might also want to wear something that other students have.

When wearing school uniform you don’t need to worry about what to wear the next day. But if you wear mufti, people might start thinking it is a competition and start buying expensive clothing. Poor people might start feeling left out if they can’t afford the clothes other children are wearing.

So, as you can see wearing school uniform represents where you come from, is cheaper then buying the latest trends and last of all, you don’t have to worry about what to wear the next day.                                                        image