Junior School Cross Country:

Enjoy the photos from this most successful event last week:

Whole School Assemblies:

Assemblies to which parents and caregivers are invited to attend, to held every alternate Friday morning at 9.00am. [Each even week of the term]Last Friday 10th of March, Room 7's students gave a presentation about Chinese New Year. The winners

Max Won a Gotcha for Room 7:

Max's name was drawn out in assembly as being a Gotcha winner. This means he was noticed for doing 'the right thing' during the previous week. At BBPS gotcha winners can choose their own reward. Max chose to have the

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Book Character Parade

This morning the Junior School and the Middle School had a book character parade around the courtyard to celebrate the end of a successful Book Fair Week. Travis said," We can write about how great it was."Ranya said, "We saw a

Junior Disco:

What a great vibe was going on tonight!Check out these photos!

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Room 7 Visit Howick Historical Village:

Today we went to the Howick Historical Village. As always, we had fabulous parent helpers and a wonderful time.We hope you enjoy the slider of photos. With these sliders you can click on any photo to see complete photo and save

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Room 7’s Calendar Art:

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Room 7 Want to Win the Ice Blocks!

Wet Lunchtimes in Room 7:

Today I reinforced the lessons I guess go on at home:elbows off the table!mouth closed when chewing!no talking with mouth full!catch your crumbs in your lunchbox!

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Junior Team Cross Country Race:

Friday 12th of August was supposed to be raining, according to all the weather reports. However, it was overcast and perfect cross-country running conditions. You'll see from the following slideshow how successful it was.  We were proud of all the participants,

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