Room 7 Visit Howick Historical Village:

Today we went to the Howick Historical Village. As always, we had fabulous parent helpers and a wonderful time.We hope you enjoy the slider of photos. With these sliders you can click on any photo to see complete photo and save

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Visit To Motat

On Thursday we went to Motat. We had to take a clipboard and 3 pieces of paper to write notes on. We were in groups. Isabella, Bethany and I were in Mulan's group.  Mulan's sister is Sonja.  She was our

Science Roadshow 2016

On Monday afternoon the Year 5 students visited the Science Roadshow at Elim College.  We were treated with two presentations, the first of which was the Materials Show which taught us about the burning properties of natural fibres and the

Cultural Trip

Today some of our Maori and Pasifika students had a special cultural trip to the Highland Park Library.  Staff from the Auckland Museum were there to share songs and information about Matariki and about the Islands.  

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Our trip to Auckland Zoo:

 [WALT] We Are Learning To put animals into their correct classifications by identifying certain physical characteristics. We have learned to classify birds, fish, mammals, vertebrates, invertebrates, insects, amphibians and reptiles.Our trip to the zoo enabled us to think like scientists and

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