On Monday afternoon the Year 5 students visited the Science Roadshow at Elim College.  We were treated with two presentations, the first of which was the Materials Show which taught us about the burning properties of natural fibres and the way some materials can be coated to give them properties.  Metal was coated in copper to conduct heat.  We learnt that some materials are conductors while others are insulators.  The second show was the Sound Show.  From this show we learnt how sound waves travel.  We also learnt about other animals who can hear at a pitch that is higher than the human ear can hear.  People lose their hearing as they get older.  To demonstrate this students and adults had to put up their hands. They were asked to put down their hands when they could no longer hear the sound.  The pitch was increased.  It was surprising that the students hands stayed raised longer than the adults, thus demonstrating that their hearing was superior.   

In between shows students moved in groups around the exhibits reading display boards and interacting with the hands on exhibits.  The wind tunnel was very popular as students felt what it would be like in hurricane winds.  Another popular exhibit was that of the speed camera.  Students threw balls at a target.  As each ball passed the speed camera the speed of the throw  as Km per hour was displayed.  Some students scored 44kmph while the highest was 47kmph.  This would be a fantastic piece of equipment to develop cricket skills in our budding sports students.