On Thursday we went to Motat. We had to take a clipboard and 3 pieces of paper to write notes on. We were in groups. Isabella, Bethany and I were in Mulan’s group.  Mulan’s sister is Sonja.  She was our parent helper. First we saw some inventions before finding the 6 places to answer.   There were rooms with numbers on them.  We went to the older day school.  The disks were different from today.  Isabella,Mulan and me and the whole class went on a double decker tram but Bethany had a sore stomach. She was crying hard.  Mrs Chilvers was looking after her because her stomach was hurting.  The driver was talking about the trams.  We wrote notes about the trams.  They were old from about 1906 there were lots of the older things.  We walked into the old village to McSmith’s work shop.  There were lots of tools and swords to in the workshop.  It was funny in the school.   Sonja was funny as a teacher.   There was a tram track.  After that we did all the questions.   We had to go to our meeting centre to have a meeting and have lunch too.  Soon it was almost home time so Emily said Thank you for the great time at Motat and we went back to school to write our homework and go home.