Room 12 Science Experiments

Room 12 have been busy writing and carrying out their own experiments relating to matter. They have made predictions, mixed substances, observed things growing and bubbling and have stuck their hands into oobleck goop.   

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Hot Air Balloon Explanation


Senior School Performing Arts Celebration:

This concert was held this week and was enjoyed by all. Well done everyone involved.

Book Character Parade – Room 12

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Balloon experiment

Room 2 has been doing science.  My favourite experiment we did was the balloon experiment.  We all thought we were going to rub it on our heads and make our hair pop up but no we were sticking a kebab


       This is my Gymnastics diamond  poem                                                               

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Howick Historical Village – Room 12 pics

 On Friday 11th of November Room 12 went to The Howick Historical Village to support our Inquiry Topic this term.  We have been learning about Victorian clothes, toys and schools.  It was wonderful to see what it would be like,

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Art Exhibition Room 12

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Inter school Cross Country

On Wednesday we had the inter-school cross-country. On the bus I sat with two of my friends, and on way there we played ''I dare you'' we also played "I spy.''When we got off the bus I had butterflies in

Look at these treasures!

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