Year 6 Camp 2019

Please see the attached flyer - there will be a parent meeting for those children attending Year 6 camp in 2019 on Thursday 18 October at 6.30 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you all there.Camp 2019 Meeting flyer

Safety Forms Camp Adair 2018

Please click on the links below for all safety forms for this year's Camp.Archery v 1.2Burma Trail V 1.2Camp CookingCampfireClimbing Wall AMP v1.0Flying Kiwi AMP v1.0 GENERAL ACTIVITY RISKSGlow worminitiativesKayakingMud SlideOrienteeringRaft Building SSuper Fox AMP v1.0 Tramping

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Senior School Performing Arts Celebration:

This concert was held this week and was enjoyed by all. Well done everyone involved.

Xavier’s Biomass Work


 This is my Biomass Presentation.  We have been learning about types of Renewable Energy. Click on the image above to see an enlarged view.

My Life as a Tree

My role of a tree is extremely important. I generate oxygen for humans. Water soaks into my roots and it goes up my trunk, onto my leaves and the water turns into water vapour and evaporates and forms a cloud.I

Bio Mass Energy

  Click on the image for an enlarged view.  

Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy is a source of energy that isn't really used. Tidal energy is useful because it is a lot denser than air, which gives a bigger push against turbines that then generates power. Turbines are like underwater windmills. The

Trees for Survival Planting day 2016!

On Friday 19 August, a group of children from the Senior School travelled to Wai ou pa on a planting excursion.  Some children planted around seventy trees, altogether we planted 600 trees.  The children who went were mostly from the

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The Bubblegum Troupe

 On the 7th of July the Bubblegum troupe from the Royal Family dance studio performed for BBPS.  Our dear Jasmine from Room 1 was in the troupe.  Everyone loved the moves they had in their dances.  It was a truly

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