This is my tessellation work

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Living Things and Non-living Things

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Bio Mass Energy

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Courtney McGregor

      Courtney McGregor By Nina, Julia and John We wanted to learn about Courtney because she is very fit and really good at gymnastics.  We found some interesting facts about her. Here is some information about Courtney.  

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Dylan Kennett

In room 17 we have been learning about the Olympics.  We wanted to learn about Dylan Kennett. Dylan Kennett is a New Zealand racing cyclist.   He was born on the 8th of December, 1994 in Christchurch.   He came first place

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Matariki – Group 1

This is the story of Matariki as told by Victoria, Alex H and Connor.  Group 1  

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The Story of Matariki -Group 4

This is the story by Troy, Raymond, Nick and Alfie   Group 4

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Safety around Electricity

Yesterday Esther from Vector Energy came to tell the Senior School about how to be safe around electric wires. She showed us a video that was 9 reasons how to be safe around electricity. Then asked us questions about how

CO2 diagram

Kiribati is a small Pacific nation under the threat of rising sea levels. Global warming has begun to affect the lives of the people of Kiribati. Two small uninhabited atolls disappeared beneath the sea. Warmer water is upsetting the coral


Lighting is a source of electricity. Fork lighting has jagged lines sticking out like a fork. Lighting can illuminate clouds.. Ball lighting is a bright flash of electricity. If lighting is about to strike somewhere that you are close to

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