Courtney McGregor

By Nina, Julia and John

We wanted to learn about Courtney because she is very fit and really good at gymnastics.  We found some interesting facts about her. Here is some information about Courtney.  

Courtney’s older sister got into gym first and she started teaching Courtney how to do gymnastics.  Courtney used to run around on the sidelines watching her older sister so her mum signed her up too.  She started gym when she was 6 years old, and then she dreamed that she could be in the Olympics.  

She is 17 years old, and is the best at the vault. She says she loves doing things that other people can’t do. Courtney said she’s aiming to place in the top 16 for vault. Her coach is Mary Wright.  Mary Wright has coached at the Olympics for 40 years.

Ranks:  women’s vault: 16 women’s uneven bars rank: 70, floor exercise rank:   75, women’s beam rank: 61, individual all around rank: 41.