Tidal Energy is a source of energy that isn’t really used. Tidal energy is useful because it is a lot denser than air, which gives a bigger push against turbines that then generates power. Turbines are like underwater windmills. The currents push against turbines which are connected to a generator and produces power. Tide patterns occur when the Sun and the Moon are in a perfect angle. There are usually 2 high tides and 2 low tides, or daily 2 tides. The pros and cons for tidal energy are…

For pro, it is an efficient way to produce electricity because it is predictable, and is a renewable source of energy. The cons are that there has to be a pacific spot where it is on a coastline and the area has strong tides and waves. The construction can be hazardous and the cost may be high.

The most common way to get tidal power is using dam like machines, called a barrage. It has turbines like a dam and when the time is right, when the water is at a specific place, the water gets rushed against the turbines making them turn and produce electricity. Other ways use tidal fences, which when water released, pushes against the fences and produces energy.