On Wednesday we had the inter-school cross-country. On the bus I sat with two of my friends, and on way there we played ”I dare you” we also played “I spy.”

When we got off the bus I had butterflies in my tummy and I did not want to run. We waited about for ten minutes before our first race of the day. When the ten minutes was over the Year Four girls were up first. Once they came back they had rivers of sweat going down there faces. After the girls were the Year Four boys and the boys were pretty fast around the track. After both of the Year four boys and girls it was the Year Five girls and I’m a Year Five girl. I was shaking at the starting line. We had to stretch before we ran otherwise we might not finish the race. But I did worse then last year because last year I came 34th and this year I came 40th, but at least I did good. When we finished the race we got a little card to show the teacher that came with us to the cross country. When a girl passed me I saw her at the corner of my eye and then I put all my effort into my running skills and I passed her and I bet her to the finish line. Just after that I passed the finish line. When my mum came up to me I gave her a huge hug and I never wanted to let go of her.