Student Leadership to a Tee!

BBPS students have been leading two exciting initiatives in 2017, firstly we are attempting to reduce the amount of waste we have at school by introducing Nude Food Fridays secondly, the Enviro leaders have made their own locally sourced beeswax lunch wraps and created enough to share with the New Entrants class this term.

“We experimented with the oven and the iron technique and reflected that the beeswax pellets worked best in the oven,” commented Nancy Zheng from Room 2.

At BBPS we are trying to become a more Sustainable Community and the Juniors have shown excellent awareness of no wrappers at school. The creation of reuseable lunchwrapping has helped to reduce the amount of plastic and gladwrap in our lunchboxes.

The second exciting initiative has seen the development of the schools own Patch to Plate Programme which runs on Fridays throughout the winter terms. A Grandparent, Linda Kennerley, has supported Mrs Kerri Riach and the students to use the schools produce to make not only healthy recipes such as Yoghurt and Berry fruit wraps in the dehydrator but they have also tried making jelly soaps and hand scrubs. All of the students are encouraged to take the recipes home and try and share their learning at home and in their community. 

The students will continue this programme next term and are considering selling and trading on their Enviro Trade stall.