Hot air balloon explanation

Hot Air Balloon Explanation



Slithering in grassRacing around eating leaves Praying not to stave

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Olympian Support Poem

Olympian Support Poem You train hard you dream big.You try your best and never give in.Keep on training and playing your bestand you will be the best of the best.So keep going, don't stop.Dream big and reach your goalTill you find the

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That was Summer

Remember that time we were jumping in the grass?That dad just raked up and he was madBut I didn't care I just ran away and laughed Remember that time when the storm blew up quickAnd you stood under a ledgeAnd watched

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Swimming Sports

The wind flew past my face.  All I could hear was Miss Redpath shout "9 year old boys."  So we dived in.  We were speeding away.  The water was nice and it looked crystal clear.  We hopped out and we

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Starting off At the back of the war Where you can't hear the booming guns That killed your friends.Every night getting closer and closer To the front line Where your worst fears are Shrapnel shooting with bullets bellowing Your eyes

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Autumn Haiku

Autumn leaves fall downPiles and piles scatteredAll over the ground

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Our visit to Motat

On Thursday 26 of May we got on the school bus and we arrived at Motat and there was a person named Abby at the gate to meet us.  She said that she would be our guide and the gates


On Thursday 26th of May 2016 Year 5 went to Motat to learn about the olden days in New Zealand.  I was with Samuel, Troy and Mark and Troy's mum.  The students went by bus and the parents went by

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