On Thursday 26th of May 2016 Year 5 went to Motat to learn about the olden days in New Zealand.  I was with Samuel, Troy and Mark and Troy’s mum.  The students went by bus and the parents went by their own car.  It took a very long time because there was a traffic jam.  Finally we got to Motat.

Our guide was Abby.  We went past the K900 the oldest train the world.  We had morning tea and we started to do our activities.  Our first activity was the Fire Station.  We saw the Ford V8 fire engine from 1935, the horse-drawn telescopic ladder from the 1890’s.  the Metropatian Fire Board truck from the 1960’s. the Merryweather Fire Engine from 1907, the Shand Mason horse-drawn steam pump from 1893 and the Shand Mason horse-drawn manual pump from 1868.

The second activity was K900 tram.  The conductor stands in the front of the coal carriage.  The K900 was born in 1932.  The K900 weights 135.6 tones and it  has a lot of engines on the front from the coal and the fire (which makes smoke).

The Olden days classroom  has a piano and the whiteboard is black.  It has a hole in the top of the desk to put the ink bottle.  The chairs are stuck to the ground.  The chairs are wooden.

The pump house was made in the 1910.  In 1968 it was changed to engines. The pump house pumped water to all of Auckland at that time.