Starting off At the back of the war Where you can't hear the booming guns That killed your friends.Every night getting closer and closer To the front line Where your worst fears are Shrapnel shooting with bullets bellowing Your eyes

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That was Summer

That was Summer Have you ever seen summer? Sure you haveRemember that time when the sun was shining warmAnd you went to the rock beachAnd cooked delicious sausages over the campfire?And you dropped oneThat was summer.Remember that time at Grandma's house?You

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Autumn leaves tricklingTrickling through gold, brown and redAutumn has arrived.  

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Our visit to Motat

On Thursday 26 of May we got on the school bus and we arrived at Motat and there was a person named Abby at the gate to meet us.  She said that she would be our guide and the gates

Easter Description

On Saturday I woke up at five o'clock in the morning to leave to Tairua. In the car I just slept the whole way but when we got there the fun began. After breakfast with my family, nana, poppa and

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The Beach

The sun is gazing on my legs.The sun is like a thick blanket on my body.It started to get too hot. I decided to to go under a coconut tree so then I could get some shade. It did feel

My Environment Footprint

My Environmental Footprint  On March the 9th, 2016, Room 3 went to the Tread Lightly Caravan. We teamed up in five pairs. I was teamed up with Ela, Lily, Islay and Summer. Then Monique told us our group number from

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Our Poems – By Room 7’s six year olds.:

I see... I think...I wonder...The instructions were:"to look but don't touch and to write about three sentences for each of the sentence starters above.Read aloud and pick the ones that sound good."We are pleased with our results.As they are portrait mounted

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