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I am a year 5 student. I am in Room 3. My hobbies are art, piano and singing. I have a pet puppy called Lucky.

Emotion poem – Disgust

Disgust is a greenish-brown colour with a shade of dark yellow.It tastes like a mouth full of sand, coated with broccoli.It smells like your brother’s stinky socks that haven't been cleaned for eight years.It looks like a dirty pile of

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The Talking Dog

“Roll up folks, roll up. I've invented a new potion that can make your pets talk!” yelled professor Bonkers. Nobody came except for Lucky, Bella and the boring dog Lucky. Professor bonkers went to grab the potion when he spilt

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Turbidity test

Turbidity TestGoal: to see how turbid water isEquipment: Container, number wheel, stream waterSteps:1. Get water from the stream.2. Put water in the container.3. Put the number wheel under the container and look inside the container. Move the number wheel around

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Watercare Session

A couple of days ago, a lady called Sally came into our class to teach us all about the rivers, the bugs that live under the water and she showed us some pictures of different kinds of water on the

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How the Sun was Formed

 The sun a huge, glowing sphere of hot gas. 70% of the hot gas is hydrogen and 28% is helium. The sun has lived for 4.6 billion years. The temperature of the sun is 5,500 deg C which is really

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My Environment Footprint

My Environmental Footprint  On March the 9th, 2016, Room 3 went to the Tread Lightly Caravan. We teamed up in five pairs. I was teamed up with Ela, Lily, Islay and Summer. Then Monique told us our group number from

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Water in the 1800s

On Tuesday the 5th of April, a man called Mr La Roche came to our school, B.B.P.S. He taught us all about water in the 1800s. We learnt that in the 1800s people made wells near their houses. We also

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Pet Sitting Lucky the Dog

Goal: how to look after Lucky the dog What you need: *Dog food *Water *Pet brush *Pet bowls *Pet medicine Steps: 1. Get the dog food ready and feed it twice a day morning and night. Put the dog food

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Easter Description

“Yay!” I just remembered that it was Easter. I quickly hopped out of bed and woke everyone up. A little while later my mum told me that we were going horse riding. I was so excited. It was my third

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In the Auckland City

In the dark but beautiful city the lights look like pretty glow worms shimmering and the shops are full of lovely fairy lights just like real little fairies sleeping on the shops. The wind swishes through the green trees and

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