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Ben K Room 3

About Ben K Room 3

I am a year 5 student from BBPS. I like playing cricket and like pizza. In my spare time I like playing games on my iPad.

My Holidays

In the holidays I went to Jump with my cousins. The first area we went to was the free running area where you just do what you want, play games, bounce around and perform flips. After that we went to

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Easter Description

On Saturday I woke up at five o'clock in the morning to leave to Tairua. In the car I just slept the whole way but when we got there the fun began. After breakfast with my family, nana, poppa and

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How Magnets Work

LI- write an explanationSC- *title *definition *description *conclusion-interesting commentHow Magnets WorkHave you ever wondered how magnets stick together? Well here's the explanation of how they work.Magnets stick together because they have a magnetic radius around them which causes them to

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The Mystery Tower

In the deep, dark shadows where there was no light to be seen, lay a tower shaped figure. The black, bricky tower had rusty, dented walls and a broken wooden door. The tower smelt of death, crushed up dirt and

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