My Environmental Footprint


On March the 9th, 2016, Room 3 went to the Tread Lightly Caravan. We teamed up in five pairs. I was teamed up with Ela, Lily, Islay and Summer. Then Monique told us our group number from one to six. Our group’s number was four so we had to go in the caravan. We looked at different kinds of insects with a microscope. There were so many dead insects. I was really scared when we had to look at the dead spiders and wasps. It made me feel like butterflies were in my stomach. I felt like it was going to bite me. But I learnt a lot. I learnt that the spiders have eight eyes and legs. I also learnt that butterflies have four little legs on the bottom of them.

Then when we had looked at every single insect we moved on to a different activity. My favourite activity was probably number two where we learnt about electricity. We had to take turns sitting on a bike that wouldn’t move to try make the light turn on and tried to make the little machine move. Then we spun a handle until the lights were on. There were three different light bulbs to try and make light up. The first one was hard to make it turn on. We had to spin the handle really hard. The second one was better but still hard to turn on. The last one was really easy to spin but we still needed to spin it a couple times.

After we finished all six activities we choose a pledge on the ground. I choose ‘Put your rubbish in the correct bin’ because we don’t want to put waste and dirty rubbish in the recycle bin or people might recycle it to other people.

If I was moving to another planet I would bring: water: because without it you might get sick, food, so you won’t get hungry; medical kit, so if you hurt yourself or get ill you can cure yourself; seed/plants, because you can plant more food to eat and you can plant trees so you can have oxygen; wood, because you can make a fire and cook food with it; animals, because some animals would be food; tools, so you can make a house or use it to make something; oxygen tank, so that you can breathe; clothes, so you can get warm; toiletries, so that you can wash yourself.