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I'm year 4 my favourite sport is cricket and my favourite foods are sausages,Russian stiyal kebabs,Carls Jr, pizza, home made nachos, home made tacos and a whole bunch of other things. I hope you enjoy my work this year and please add a positive comment !!!

Fancy Feet Day by Samuel

This Skitch shows my fancy shoes which I glued. It was very hard because the glue gets all over your fingers. 

By |29th November 2016|Rm 13 Writing, Room 13|0 Comments

Spencer the Monkey

I wrote this story because I like Monkey and in the past I wrote a lot of Monkey stories.Click to view my tale.

By |22nd September 2016|Room 13|0 Comments

Olympic Concrete Poem

I am learning to write a concrete poem. I chose shot put because we won silver and bronze. 

By |30th August 2016|Room 13, Writing|0 Comments

Olympian Support Poem

Olympian Support Poem You train hard you dream big.You try your best and never give in.Keep on training and playing your bestand you will be the best of the best.So keep going, don't stop.Dream big and reach your goalTill you find the

By |18th August 2016|Room 13, Writing|0 Comments

Samuel’s Pepeha

I am learning to read my pepeha aloud.

By |18th June 2016|Room 13|0 Comments
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