When we first went to Motat to learn about inventions and inventors, all of Room 2 first went to a place where we learnt about the human body. I learnt that 95 per cent of pee is made from water. Then we went in a place called the smelly toilet that was like snake and ladders except it told us about the five senses. Next Room 2 went on a tram and it had tiny stairs so thin like the spine of a book. We came out of the tram and saw a man putting wood in an old fashion tram. Then some people from our class threw wood in the fire. The wood was burned at 300 degrees celsius to make the smoke.

 We learnt about the trams that were built and were sent to Auckland and Wellington in the mid nineteen hundreds. There were three trams.  The oldest tram was the steam tram that came in the 1890s. Next we went to the pump house where the water was pumped for the whole Auckland. The pump house was built in 1877 and it was used for the water supply around Auckland. The five materials  the pump house was made out of are wood, an engine, metal, iron and glass.

After that we had lunch and then we did the trails which was our last activity.  We first went to the classroom. We listened to our instructor and did  activities like writing our names on typewriters and some other activities. Last we went to the olden days school classroom that we did spelling in that classroom.

I thought that visiting Motat was a great way to learn about our topic.DSC_0150