One day a little girl was playing in her garden full of roses, bluebells,  lavender and daisies. The little girl had a rose dress, sky blue eyes and soft skin. When she opened a door she had found secret garden with butterflies. There was an entrance that was connected to the little girl’s house.

Inside the secret garden was a tree house with a purple lavender roof top. The building was hot pink and peach pink in colour. It had lush green vines growing around it with flowers like a decoration. It had butterfly pantings over it.

The little girl climbed to the top racing so that she could quickly relax with butterflies. She found a golden key glittering in the shimmering sun. She did not know what it was for. Then she went out and then she locked the door and then she knew what it was for. The key was for her to lock it so she could be the only one to enter.

by Stephanie Z Room 4