The green house effect is the sun's rays trapped and then this makes the temperature hotter This will melt the glaciers and polar caps. What is causing the greenhouse effect are factories, cows, cars, burning coal fires and the production

My Life as a Water Drop

I’ve been in this massive ocean for one thousand years, feeling bored and squashed and rather cold.Finally it was my turn to evaporate into the beautiful blue sky and I feel as light as oxygen.  Finally after a long journey


Lighting is a source of electricity. Fork lighting has jagged lines sticking out like a fork. Lighting can illuminate clouds.. Ball lighting is a bright flash of electricity. If lighting is about to strike somewhere that you are close to

E-Waste Research

The Robotics team visited the e-waste recycling depot that was set up to accept e-waste from our local community.  We wanted to find out the types of e-waste that was being disposed of and what would happen to it after

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a cycle of how the earth, land, sky and sea work together to make fresh water for every living thing.   First the water gets heated up by the sun rays and rises up to the sky.


 Lightning is a form of energy which is dangerous.  And it is caused by ice charge that makes a electrical charge. There are lot of types of lightning which people need to be care with.  Some countries had more lightning

Skyping with Students in China

This afternoon the Robotics Group met at school to talk to students in a class in Nanjing to ask them how their country recycles e-waste - old computers, tablets and printers.  The Chinese students were in class with their English

The Green House Effect

The green house effect is when the sun's rays gets trapped and it heats up the earth. Factory chimneys give carbon dioxide to the trees. When you cut the trees carbon dioxide comes out of them. Burning coal fires releases

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a constant process that goes around the Earth.First it starts at the sea and because the sun is so hot, water turns into gas and starts to rise into the sky. This is called evaporation. Then

Visit To Motat

On Thursday we went to Motat. We had to take a clipboard and 3 pieces of paper to write notes on. We were in groups. Isabella, Bethany and I were in Mulan's group.  Mulan's sister is Sonja.  She was our

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