How big is your footprint?

The greenhouse causes a lot of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect  has also caused global warming  around the whole world.More people need to plant more trees and plants to absorb co2.

Water Cycle

Water CycleThe water cycle is a rotation of the water and it goes round and round. If the water cycle ends, then we won't have water. We don't wish that this will happen, and the important part is that the


Lightning is made when molecules of ice rub together and make lots of friction that makes a flash of electricity.There are lots of types of lightning such as sheet lightning, fork lightning,spider lightning, cloud to ground lightning, blue jet lightning

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How Big Is Your Footprint?

The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the warmth and making our planet warmer and warmer.  Fertilizers, cars, helicopters, planes and animals contribute to the greenhouse effect.   The greenhouse effect is where factories and fires produce smoke and the

The Green House Gas Effect

Green house gasses are carbon dioxide that traps the sun’s rays in the atmosphere which traps the heat in the atmosphere.Lots of green house gasses are emitting into the Earth’s atmosphere because of coal being burned and other fossil fuel

Science in a Van

Last Wednesday "Science in a Van" visited Bucklands Beach Primary School. The two presenters, Alan and Emily explained the nature of force at the first show which the whole school attended. Here is one experiment to demonstrate the force of

Maritime Museum Letter

 Dear Parents,This term Middle School students will be conducting an inquiry unit called “Welcome Home”. We are inquiring into personal migration stories, migration specific to NZ (past and present) and reasons for people to migrate. To support our Unit of

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Room 7’s Radish Winner:

The proud winner with his prize.We had a close second in terms of leaf growth, but it was pretty hard to beat the three bulging-out radishes the size of golf balls!Sure shows the importance of sunlight, fertiliser, watering and repotting!

Finishing off the Term with Animal Classification booklets:

Tread Lightly Caravan:

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the van and the staff. Rubbish down the drain is a real pain!!Thank you to the parents who came and helped the students to plant radish seeds.Every student in the school now has their own

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