Water Cycle

The water cycle is a rotation of the water and it goes round and round. If the water cycle ends, then we won’t have water. We don’t wish that this will happen, and the important part is that the water we are drinking now is the water we will be drinking in the future, so don’t waste water.

The water cycle works like this: the sun goes on water like river water, seawater, and other forms. It evaporates up and turns into little water vapour that then form into a cloud. This is called condensation.
Next the clouds get heavier and heavier. Then rain, snow, hail, sleet or fog will fall and the next day you would probably find these on the bottom of grass, lakes, seas, rivers, drains, puddles or ponds. This is called precipitation.

Later when the rain goes on trees, the trees will suck water in and the water absorbed is given off into the atmosphere. This is called transpiration.