Dear Parents,

This term Middle School students will be conducting an inquiry unit called “Welcome Home”. We are inquiring into personal migration stories, migration specific to NZ (past and present) and reasons for people to migrate.

To support our Unit of Inquiry, Middle School classes will be visiting the Maritime Museum during Week 9 on the 29th June and 1st July. The day will include sessions with an Educator, and a self-guided tour through the museum. We will require parents to help with this trip.


The Year 4 team will travel by bus to the Maritime Museum on Wednesday 29 June  and the Year 3 team will be going on Friday 1 July.  Both teams will leave school at 9.00am and will return by 3.00pm.

Your child will need to wear full school uniform and bring morning tea and lunch.


The parent help request was missed out of the Middle Team newsletter that has been posted onto the school’s website and so it has been added to this letter.  If  you haven’t already done so, and you are able to assist on this trip please complete the ‘Parent Help’ section that is with this letter.


Kind regards

Debbie Rist

Middle Team Leader


I would be interested in being a parent helper on the trip to the Maritime Museum.


Yes / No

I enclose $15   or  I have paid online


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