The Story of Matariki -Group 4

This is the story by Troy, Raymond, Nick and Alfie   Group 4

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The Story of Matariki – 7

 This is the story of Matariki as told by Jan, Isabella, Mark and Kendall.  Group 7

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E-learning Evening:

On Thursday 4th of August there was an e-learning evening in the hall. Students from each class demonstrated a variety of ipad and computer tools that are used to aid learning in a variety of contexts. There was a guest speaker

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The Lady from Vector

On Tuesday  a lady from Vector, called Esther, came to our school.   We learn that the job of a transformer was to reduce electricity from 1100 to 300 watts of power from the power poles.  She also said a

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Sally from Watercare

On Wednesday the 3rd of February Sally from Watercare came to visit us and to teach us about water.Where our water goes.First she taught us about where our water goes. We found out that our water goes to the storage

Sally Comes From Watercare

 Sally came from Watercare to school on Wednesday to teach us about the water.  She also taught us about the water cycle and how to filter water.  She also taught us drama and she squashed everyone under some desks. The

Olden Times in Howick

 On Tuesday the 4th of April Mr La Roche came to BBPS.  He told us about the Olden Times in Howick and when the Irish people came to Auckland. At the time of 1840 they made their own village. They

Our Trip to Macleans Reserve

Our Trip to Macleans reserveOn Friday 12th of February Room 2 went to Macleans Reserve to test the water.   We walked there in different groups.  I was in Oliver's group with Alex H,Victoria and Xavier.When we arrived Sally and


A man came in called Mr. La Roche.   He was very old. He told us about old times in Howick in the 1840s.Back in that time to wash your clothes you used charcoal. When you washed your hands you

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Water in the Olden Days

Mr La RoacheYesterday Mr La Roache came to Bucklands Beach Primary School.  He told us about how people lived in the olden days.  He told us that all the wells in Howick were nine meters deep.He also told us that

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