Mr La Roache

Yesterday Mr La Roache came to Bucklands Beach Primary School.  He told us about how people lived in the olden days.  He told us that all the wells in Howick were nine meters deep.He also told us that everyone bathed once every six weeks. They used 20 litres a day. They made their own soap. The average age of death was sixty years of age. Not many people had horses because they were expensive. Two thirds of the people in Howick were Irish settlers. Men bathed first because the people thought dad worked harder than mum. They used the manuka plant for making tea. They used salt for toothpaste when they ran out of toothpaste. They used ash to dry their hands, then rinse them in water. Many people had cows because they were ten dollars. If a women fell in the well they would climb up a rope ladder and they wore so many petticoats that they had a bubble of air underneath them so they would not drown in the water. Often children would dig wells by the house and if they had animals they would have one in their paddock