Our Trip to Macleans reserve

On Friday 12th of February Room 2 went to Macleans Reserve to test the water.   We walked there in different groups.  I was in Oliver’s group with Alex H,Victoria and Xavier.

When we arrived Sally and Mrs Chilvers were waiting for us.  We had a morning tea break.  After that Sally explained what to do.  She led us to our water testing spot. First we had to observe the water to see if we could see any bugs.  We saw a wasp stuck in the water.  Then we used our scoops that we made and scooped out some water and poured it into an empty coke bottle.  Then we put a turbidity disc under the bottle to see if we could see any numbers.

We then did a PH test. The result was a 7, which was good.  Then we did a nitrate test.  The result was a zero and a ten which is good. Next we scooped out some water and poured it into an ice cream container and we used magnifying glasses to see in if there were any bugs in the water.  We saw a backswimmer and a waterflea.  We did the observing several times and when Sally blew her whistle we had to go back to where we had morning tea because we were about to leave Macleans Reserve.

On our way back to Bucklands Beach Primary school, we saw other classes going to the reserve.  When we got back to the school it was nearly lunch so we washed our hands grabbed our lunch and went to eat our lunch.