Sally came from Watercare to school on Wednesday to teach us about the water.  She also taught us about the water cycle and how to filter water.  She also taught us drama and she squashed everyone under some desks. The water goes through a dam into a pipe called the water filter station.  Then its gets cleaned.  After the water gets cleaned it goes to a school or a home.  It goes out of a hose or out of a tap.  The pipes stretch all the way to Toyko. The water cycle starts in the sea and then the sun’s energy evaporates the the tiny water drops.  Then the sun condenses the water drops into clouds.Then Sally made the whole class go under some desks. To make the water filtered we needed to get a container with a small hole in it and a container without it.  Then  we had to get tissue paper or cotton balls. Next we put the cotton balls or tissue paper in.  After that we got the dirty water and checked if it was clean or dirty.   If it is dirty it is bad.  If it is clean it is good.