A man came in called Mr. La Roche.   He was very old. He told us about old times in Howick in the 1840s.

Back in that time to wash your clothes you used charcoal. When you washed your hands you use charcoal as well. When they had baths the dad was first, the children were second, the pets were third. And the moms were last of course!  When they wanted hot water they got a bucket of cold water and then they put it on the fire.  Then they poured it into the bath.

The teachers were really mean.  They whipped the children if they were bad.  Ooch!
The schools were really old and wrecked, cold and dark. Often the schools were in the church.

In our times we have cars. Back then they had horses and carts. The roads were made out of sand. The horses could go really fast.

When children were really bad they got put in the the deep, dark, cold well for a week all alone .

It was so much different back then.  Would you like to be alive then? Or wouldn’t you?
I wouldn’t because people didn’t have cars and there were no footpaths. There were lots of pigs walking around then.


By Alfie H