On Tuesday the 4th of April Mr La Roche came to BBPS.  He told us about the Olden Times in Howick and when the Irish people came to Auckland. At the time of 1840 they made their own village. They had wells near each house and one bucket per family. The wells were normally dug by children one at the bottom and one at the top.  In the wells they had cracks in between the bricks so when it rained water could flow through the bricks. The wells were 30 feet to 9 metres deep.  There were a number of baths in the village.  The dad was first in the bath because they thought that dad worked harder that the mum. Then it was the children’s turn and last it was the turn of the mum.  The people got bathed near the fire because it was cold water.

Every single ship had a compass and other navigation devices. They didn’t transport cows on the ship because they could slip and break a bone so often the people would have goats because goats were easier to transport.  Tea was rather expensive at that time so families would make their own tea out from Manuka Tea-Tree leaves.

During Summer and the other seasons they put their milk and cheese down the well in a bucket because the water was as cold as a refrigerator, Everyone in the village had a bath on Saturday night so they would be clean for church on Sunday morning.  To get water from the well they had to connect it to the rope on the top of the well.  Then they had to throw the bucket into the well so it would scoop up the water and come back up.  Soap was expensive during that time so people made it out of ash from the fire and used that as soap.  After washing your hands, using the ash your hands will feel nice and smooth. All the pencils at the schools had wood on the outside and graphite on the inside. since lead wasn’t invented yet. Toilet paper was also expensive so they made it out of newspaper or corn leaves, they didn’t have lights then so they used candles.