On Wednesday the 3rd of February Sally from Watercare came to visit us and to teach us about water.

Where our water goes.
First she taught us about where our water goes. We found out that our water goes to the
storage pipes.

Next Sally explained the water cycle. We learnt about the water cycle through drama. We were little raindrops and then we went on a little journey.

Then the last thing we did was learn how to filter water. The material we used was cotton balls, paper towels, sand and bark. Then she split us up into small groups. I had Caprice and Bethany in my group. We tried the sand first and the water wasn’t clear at all so then we tried the paper towels which the water was a bit cleaner but wasn’t clean enough. After we tried the paper towels we then tried the bark and that was a major flop ( we knew that that was going to happen though). We had one more material and that was the cotton balls. So we shoved them in, got some muddy water and put it in and it worked.  The water was clean so we went to show her.  Then had a competition of who has the cleanest water.

Then she came back on Friday.