Lightning is made when molecules of ice rub together and make lots of friction that makes a flash of electricity.

There are lots of types of lightning such as sheet lightning, fork lightning,spider lightning, cloud to ground lightning, blue jet lightning and intra-cloud lightning. Sheet lightning is lightning that fills the sky with light like a fire bomb. Fork lightning is lightning that comes down to the ground and splits into lots of little spears. Cloud to ground lightning is when a lightning storm is near the ground. Blue jet lightning is blue lightning that is in a shape of a cone. Spider lightning is the type of lightning that you can get in smaller storms. Intra-cloud lightning is lightning that is in clouds and very high.

I have been in a storm before and it was exciting but a bit scary. There was lots of thunder and lightning. It was in Canada when I was about 5 years old, so I got a bit scared. I hid under the table with my big brother and watched it below. I almost pooped my pants when my dad said it was going into the ground and the sea.  I said “Won’t the fishes die?”.And he said “no, they won’t get hurt.”  When the storm stopped there was a power cut because there are lots of power lines in Canada that are exposed to falling trees and lightning strikes so if there is a big storm there will probably be a power cut or something like a tree on your house. Once my Mom got emailed a picture by a friend of her trampoline in the next door neighbour’s back yard after a storm.

The most lightning happens in Venezuela which is on the equator. Ball lightning is a rare type of lightning.  If someone gets struck by lightning it wouldn’t harm them as much as it would if you were in the cloud when it happened.  1 lightning strike contains up to 100 million volts. Lightning causes 30,000 house fires in the U.S. per year and $5 billions of damage per year.

In Venezuela there are hurricane like storms with lots of lightning and thunder. The people that live there live in cabins and sleep in hammocks as most of Maracaibo is poor. Lots of people visit lake Maracaibo to see the lightning which makes the people that live there happy because the tourists buy from their shops or stalls.  In lake Maracaibo they would sell fish and lots of sea food which lots of people love. So if you like lightning go to lake Maracaibo in Venezuela in winter.