The Robotics team visited the e-waste recycling depot that was set up to accept e-waste from our local community.  We wanted to find out the types of e-waste that was being disposed of and what would happen to it after it was left at the depot.  We also wanted to dispose of our own e-waste.  

We learnt that the old computers, printers, washing machines and deep freezes that people wish to dispose of are stripped and many of the parts are sold to other companies in New Zealand to be recycled into new products.  Some of the e-waste that can not be used in New Zealand in this way is shipped to Korea where it can be used.  The company responsible said it works in well with and is supported by the Auckland City Council.  They hold these collections in our area every 3-4 months.  

The robotics team compete in a competition called First Lego League in September and the theme of the project is “Trash Trek”  – recycling.  This team have decided to present their project on e-waste.  We will be competing in the day long competition in September at Strathallan School Karaka against teams from throughout New Zealand.