The Trip to Macleans Reserve

Last Friday Sally took the whole class to Macleans reserve to test the temperature and Ph and nitrate levels in the stream . We walked to Macleans reserve . When we got there we ate morning tea.  After morning tea

Sally from Watercare

On Wednesday the 3rd of February Sally from Watercare came to visit us and to teach us about water.Where our water goes.First she taught us about where our water goes. We found out that our water goes to the storage

Sally Comes From Watercare

 Sally came from Watercare to school on Wednesday to teach us about the water.  She also taught us about the water cycle and how to filter water.  She also taught us drama and she squashed everyone under some desks. The

Trip to Macleans Reserve

Our Trip to Macleans ReserveOn Friday Sally took us to the Macleans Reserve.  After the class bell rang, Mrs Chilvers lined us up in groups and Bethany’s mum led us to Macleans Reserve by walking.  After a few minutes we

CO2 diagram

Kiribati is a small Pacific nation under the threat of rising sea levels. Global warming has begun to affect the lives of the people of Kiribati. Two small uninhabited atolls disappeared beneath the sea. Warmer water is upsetting the coral

Olden Times in Howick

 On Tuesday the 4th of April Mr La Roche came to BBPS.  He told us about the Olden Times in Howick and when the Irish people came to Auckland. At the time of 1840 they made their own village. They

The water cycle

 The water cycle never stops.  This is how the water cycle works: the water droplets from the sea, oceans, rivers and ponds float up into the sky which is called evaporation.  .Then they turn into a cloud and this is

How Big Is Your Footprint?

The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the warmth and making our planet warmer and warmer.  Fertilizers, cars, helicopters, planes and animals contribute to the greenhouse effect.   The greenhouse effect is where factories and fires produce smoke and the

The Green House Gas Effect

Green house gasses are carbon dioxide that traps the sun’s rays in the atmosphere which traps the heat in the atmosphere.Lots of green house gasses are emitting into the Earth’s atmosphere because of coal being burned and other fossil fuel

Science Week in Year 3 and 4

The Middle Team have been busy exploring and experimenting with forces. We tested the force of magnets and air pressure, we made parachutes and catapults and we moved colours around on a plate. Can you see what science is happening?

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