Our Trip to Macleans Reserve

On Friday Sally took us to the Macleans Reserve.  After the class bell rang, Mrs Chilvers lined us up in groups and Bethany’s mum led us to Macleans Reserve by walking.  After a few minutes we had a little rest and we kept on walking.  The main reason we went to Macleans Reserve is because we needed to test the water there.  Next we sat down on the ground and ate our morning tea and we went back up again.

Next we had to use our scoops to scoop the water up and see how clean it was and we had to test the water by using our scoop. After we used our scoop to scoop the water up we put the water in a bottle and we put a number chart down the bottom of the bottle and we looked at it.   The result came out as we could see the number:2,3,4,and 5 which was all the numbers and that was pretty good because it means that there was no pollution.  We also had to test how fast the water went.  We had to put a leaf in the water and have another person on the other side.  I threw the leaf into the water and Maria stood on the other side. If the leaf took more than 5 mississipipis than it is slow.  If it is faster than 5 mississipipis then it is fast. When I threw the leaf in Maria started counting.   The leaf didn’t move an inch so I just put the result as slow and takes more than 5 mississipipis.

Later on we scooped another scoop full of water and we examined it.   My mum told me to write the answer for the questions and we had another scoop full of water and put it in our ice cream container and we examined it and found some bugs. We found some microvillia bugs and we found a freshwater shrimp.  We also found a snail. These bugs are really small so we had to use a magnifying glass to have a closer look. Next we tested the temperature and this is how we did it.  First we got out the equipment for testing the temperature and put it in the milk cartons inside handle and put it in the water and I think the temperature is 20 degrees and that means it is slightly polluted which is not good.

At last Sally told us to gather our things and remember not to drink or eat before we washed our hands.  We had to put the things we took out back into the bucket and help people put their scoops in Mrs Chilvers’ car and again Bethany’s mum walked us back to school. On the way back we saw people doing yoga in the park.  We also saw the Year Six students walking to Macleans reserve. When we got back Maria and I were thirsty and Maria keep on saying that she couldn’t feel her legs. We were told to put our scoops in front of the window and go to the toilet one by one and wash our hands.  But we were only allowed 3 at a time and that took us very long to finish washing our hands. After the long line in the toilet we finally could go to lunch. The good thing about this trip is that we learnt a lot of new things about water and water pollution.